Software Engineer - SDK/Animation
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date Posted : 10-20-2017
Software Engineer - SDK/Animation
Boston, MA

About the Job:

We are seeking an experienced Software Engineer to design, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art web-based tools and cutting-edge technology. You will lead the design and development of robotics simulations, AI, debuggers, behavior editing tools, and 3D animation tools and pipelines. 

About You:
  • BS in Computer Science. 
  • 5+ years related experience.
  • JavaScript, Node.js, and front-end UI development, CMS.
  • HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, React.js, Animation tools, 3D Engines.

Beneficial Experience:
  • C++, QT, TypeScript.
  • Atom plugins, Pixi.js, Adobe Animate.
  • Detailed graphics programming including shading, texture, etc.
  • Experience developing gaming and interactive web apps.
  • A passion for AI, and computer simulations.


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