Business Development Associate - Custom Artificial Intelligence, Software, & Data Solutions
Location: Concord, MA
Date Posted : 10-05-2017
Technology Consulting Associate - Custom Artificial Intelligence, Software, & Data Solutions
Concord, MA

About the Job:
Looking for a full-time Business Development Associate to join our team. We are looking for someone hungry and ready to dive in and make waves with us.  We want someone that is eager and willing to learn and work hard. As a member of a small company, you will be called upon to help in a variety of areas in the process. You will be working alongside one of the Managing Partners of the firm and will be tasked with helping to amp up our client pipeline. Competitive compensation packages commensurate with experience. Must work onsite in Concord, MA.
An emerging practice area where you would spend a good deal of time is working on a Conversational AI platform we call Rio Voice It is a platform we monetize as a service to Retail, Consumer Goods, and other eCommerce-driven companies. We are creating custom personas, so each brand gets a “voice”. It is a very cool, cutting-edge project that we are heavily investing in. With our Machine Learning, Big Data, and Custom Software expertise, we are in a great position to irrupt the market and grab market share.
About You:
We are willing to train the right candidates, but ideally you:
  • 2+ years working experience.
  • Already have a strong understanding of the software and data industry.
  • Are comfortable with a range of subject areas from cloud to mobile, enterprise, Hadoop and Big Data analytics and applications.
  • Your writing skills are important, as you will be tasked with customer-facing communications.
  • Attention to detail and quality control is paramount.
  • Should have experience using CRM platforms (we use HubSpot).
  • Familiarity with Google Docs a strong plus.

About Us: is a technology consulting firm empowering data to drive analytics for revenue growth and operational efficiencies. Our teams deliver software solutions, data science strategies, enterprise infrastructure, and management consulting to the world's largest companies. We are an elite group with MIT roots, shining when tasked with complex missions: assembling mounds of data from a variety of sources, building high-volume, highly-available systems, and orchestrating analytics to transform technology into perceivable business value.

With extensive domain knowledge, has teams of architects and engineers that deliver best-in-class solutions across a variety of verticals. This diverse industry exposure and our constant run-in with the cutting edge, empowers us with invaluable tools, tricks, and techniques. We bring knowledge and horsepower that consistently delivers innovative, cost-conscious, and extensible results to complex software and data challenges.

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