BigR.io delivers world-class custom software solutions across all modern programming languages and platforms. Our development teams thrive on designing and implementing Enterprise, Web, Mobile, and Voice applications. We have deep experience with high-performance and highly-available systems.

Custom Software And Customer Application Development
Enterprise Custom Application Development
Multi-channel Custom Application Development

We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their business objectives and solution requirements in either process management or specialized billing. By doing so, this ensures that the scope of a project is well defined, which translates into affordable budgets and measured progress guidelines. Focusing on specific time-to-market deadlines and by diligently adhering to agreed upon budget parameters, our professionals deliver high quality products and services, while consistently meeting/exceeding our clients’ objectives.

Our application development service spans the entire lifecycle, incorporating proven agile process tools in each phase. We immerse ourselves in our client organization’s environment, or leverage cloud-based solutions for source control, wikis, code review, session capturing, test automation, versioning repos, and continuous integration.

BigR.io’s professional teams of coders are skilled at all of the modern programming languages, as well as some specialty ones. The end goal is delivering the optimal application stack to the client, regardless of any potential constraints in any one environment.

Mobile & Voice Applications & Platforms

  • iOS desktop and Mobile Application Development
  • Google Android: Mobile and Voice Applications
  • Cortana Based Mobile & Voice Applications development
  • Amazon Alexa: Mobile and Voice Applications
  • Mobile & Voice Applications Development

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