Leveraging Data

In today’s climate, all businesses are blessed with abundant data, whether safely locked in their private repositories or floating in the chaotic and all-encompassing cloud. The drive is now to harness the truth behind the sea of data and seek guidance that is more accurate and predictions that are more powerful.

Leveraging Data - Generating Big Data Business Values
Leveraging Big Data Solutions

  • We can help leverage data to generate Big Data business value, that tells you what your customers are thinking, where your competitors are aiming and more. Fine-grain data tracks preferences of a single customer and captures the moment they are engaged. Big Data means both micro-personalizing and scaling customer care to an audience of millions.
  • Identify, prioritize, and value Big Data assets – “You launder tons of debris to get to the nuggets”. BigR.io Big Data Scientists sift through the weeds, filter away the noise, and expose validated findings that inspire confidence. BigR.io employs advanced analytics techniques to reduce the unwieldy digital bits into timely operational guidance and paint a clear vision of growth; all in concrete numerical terms.
  • Governance, compliance, and risk identification and management – Financial and non-financial businesses alike are facing ever more tightening scrutiny from changing regulations and increasing legislations. Inevitably, compliance measures result in overloading of data that come in more types and greater volume, and are more and more difficult to extract useful information. Businesses face data challenges on multiple fronts from integration, quality, governance, and analytics. Fortunately, Big Data approaches are ideal in providing low cost solutions to collect, refine, segment, store, monitor and display excessive data with consistency and efficiency, resulting in regulatory success.
  • Balance business needs, infrastructure and personnel capabilities, and make strategic investments – CIOs juggle these factors everyday in the face of an increasingly complex business climate. BigR.io excels in executive level consultations, conducting infrastructure surveys, staffing for skill gaps, providing technical training, and implementing marketing analytics and predictive modeling. We incorporate risk mitigation techniques, such as A/B testing, to limit selected targets, whether it’s for your customer base, a candidate software release, or new operational procedures. By conducting trial runs of IT initiatives on cloud infrastructure, you avoid over committing computing investments. Given any business objective, BigR.io offers a wide array of technology options, mixing SaaS spot solutions with integration, a centralized data hub, and custom application development.
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