Omnichannel Modernization

The consumer world is rapidly changing in terms of psychographics, lifestyles, and scale of digitization. Only tech savvy retailers/e-tailers that are able to connect with their buyers across the increasingly diverse sea of touch points are thriving. Omnichannel eCommerce is about providing a consistent, seamless and personalized customer experience regardless of the access device used; this means content, branding, offerings, pricing, etc. The key is to engage each consumer with a single account; a business imperative that is easier said than done.

Omnichannel eCommerce Modernization
Omnichannel Modernization and Continuous Operations

Daunting engineering and organizational challenges exist in achieving this ideal. The physical reality is that most if not all companies are operating with a fragmented application infrastructure, often with lingering dependencies on legacy and homegrown systems. Besides in-house integration efforts, a full-scale modernization strategy must also balance tradeoffs of cloud-based options, SaaS point solutions, and emerging Big Data technologies. has made its name in Big Data enablement and engineering modernization. We look at your Omnichannel business modernization challenges from a top level, and guide throughout the transformation on technology, marketing, and staffing. We supply the critical expertise in the journey, whether it is liberating silos, implementing data management and analytics solutions, going to the cloud, designing customer facing applications, or introducing predictive modeling.

Voice platform

One of the most exciting recent innovations in consumer technology is the voice platform. The natural language user interface answers random questions and makes recommendations on everyday life activities. Through backend integration with partner databases, the voice-activated commands can access every web service imaginable from air flights, hotels, maps, bank accounts, to movie show times. All major device manufacturers have introduced their own platform to compete in the space, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, and Microsoft. Many have opened their platforms inviting third-party developers to contribute interesting personal assistant applications. is partnering with the major platform providers, delivering compelling services to client companies who would benefit the most from this unique channel. We introduce the technology at a strategic level with application proposals that directly align with the client company’s offerings. Our highly qualified staff custom develops the voice application and, integrates it with the client’s backend, as well as third party services. Due to our strength in Big Data analytics, we are also able to complement the voice application with pinpoint personalization, thus maximizing the appeal each user gets from their personal assistant.

Mobile & Voice

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