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Topic Modeling for Personalized Entertainment

NLP evolved to be an important way to track and categorize viewership in the age of cookie-less ad targeting. While users resist being identified by a single user ID, they are much less sensitive to and even welcome the chance for advertisers to personalize media content based on discovered preferences. This personalization comes from improvements […]

Deep Learning in Image and Video Recognition

Deep Learning: Image and Video Recognition Written by Bruce Ho BigR.io’s Chief Big Data Scientist Abstract This paper illustrates the advancements in implementing Deep Neural Networks for automatic feature extraction in image and video for applications including facial recognition, programmatic video highlights, and image segmentation and object classification. Given the limitations of human abilities in […]

Pixel-level Dense Prediction

Scientists have been working on the puzzle of human vision for many decades. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN or convnet)-based Deep Learning reached a new landmark for image recognition when Microsoft announced it had beat the human benchmark in 2015. Five days later, Google one-upped Microsoft with a 0.04% improvement. Figure 1. In a typical convnet […]

The Black Arts of Machine Learning

As I outline in the Machine Learning Field Guide, the concept of Machine Learning arose from interests in having machines learn from data. The industry has seen cycles of stagnation and resurgence in machine learning/AI research since as early as the 1950s. During the 1980s, we saw the emergence of the Multi-layer Perceptron and it’s back […]

Advanced Recommendation Engines

Advanced Recommendation Engines Written by Bruce Ho BigR.io’s Chief Data Scientist IMPACT OF RECOMMENDATION ENGINES ON ECOMMERCE When a shopper comes to an eCommerce site, how does she find the items she wants? Search is generally the default option when the site knows nothing about the shopper. Somewhere along the journey though, the shopper starts […]

Fine-grained Personalization

An Adaptive and Fine-Grained Experience with Big Data & Data Science Written by Bruce Ho BigR.io’s Chief Data Scientist ​Abstract Your customers tell you a lot about themselves, through their digital interactions and social media assertions. With all the internal and external data you have, you can get to know each one of them as […]

Deep Learning Neural Networks for IoT

Leveraging Big Data, ​Advanced Machine Learning, and Complex Event Processing Technologies Written by Bruce Ho BigR.io’s Chief Data Scientist Abstract The global Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to $1.7 trillion in 2020 from $656 billion in 2014, according to IDC Insights Research. IoT is forecast to generate a staggering 500 zettabytes of data […]