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The AI Revolution HAS Begun!

The AI Revolution HAS begun! Some curmudgeons are arguing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a bastardized term and the hype is distracting. People are arguing that we don’t have the freethinking, sci-fiesque AI or, as some people refer to it, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). I say so what. Those of us in the AI business aren’t […]


When I was in graduate school, I designed a construction site of the future. It was in collaboration with Texas Instruments in the late 90s. The big innovation, at the time, was RFID (radio-frequency identification). Not that RFID was new. In fact, it has been around since World War II where it was used to […]

An Agile Story (pun intended)

While working with eBay Enterprise on a large multi-company effort to create a marketing platform, I saw first-hand the struggle around effective project management. I played Scrum Master for our development team and immersed myself into the eBay Enterprise team, including keeping a desk at their facility. Actually, our entire team kept desks there. We […]