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About us


BigR.io is a management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company focused on Big Data and custom software solutions. With depths of experience in data movement, management, analytics, and presentation we're poised to help deliver solutions that impact outcomes at every level.

BigR.io has three business units:
Big Data - Complex Data Conditioning and Analytics
Custom Software - Enterprise, Web & Mobile Applications
Recruiting - Permanent Technical Placements

The BigR.io Team

The professionals at BigR.io are focused on placing top tier data management talent at the most exciting companies in the world. Meet the team that makes it happen!
Scott Cohen @ Scott
Managing Partner

Scott is a serial technologist and patented inventor with over fifteen years of experience. He has overseen numerous projects for companies ranging from large defense contractors to venture-backed startups. Scott’s history of successful implementations is reflective of his passion and dedication to innovation and software systems. A strategic thinker, Scott brings his out-of-the-box approach to all of his activities, products, and projects. He has a keen ability to build teams with topflight talent that deliver.

Scott has extensive experience managing R&D organizations and implementing award-winning, high-value enterprise software and solutions. Scott was a pioneer in the wireless imaging industry, having created a system used by Federal, State, and Local government agencies to broadcast image-rich mission-critical information. This system grew an interoperability platform for seamless cross-domain data exchange for civilian and defense agencies, first responders, healthcare, and private sector stakeholders.

Scott holds an MS in Engineering from the Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University with coursework performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MBA from Northeastern University, and a BS in Industrial Economics from Union College.

Greg Harman @ Greg
Managing Partner

Greg has an extensive background in information technology and data management and is a recognized industry leader. A long-time veteran in software design and architecture, Greg's career has focused on data management platforms, enterprise architecture, application integration, and data mobility. His past work has been utilized by organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local concerns and has been commercialized for millions of end users.

For the past eight years, Greg has taken CTO roles, developing technology strategies to drive business and building and managing multifaceted teams to implement and support those strategies. Greg is bringing these team-building skills to bear on the big data and data management sectors for Big Resourcing, and ensures the quality and technical competence of represented candidates.

Greg earned both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Steven Blum @ Steven
General Counsel

Steven Blum has an extensive background as an attorney, an entrepreneur and as a high level executive. As an attorney Mr. Blum had an active practice for over 20 years, primarily representing small businesses and real estate developers. As an entrepreneur Mr. Blum has founded and has acted as advisor to over twenty-five different business in his forty year career. These businesses include everything from low-tech, to real estate development to, most recently, green and sustainable technologies.

He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and received his JD at the Suffolk University Law School, after attending St. Lawrence University for his undergraduate studies.


Boris Bronshteyn @ Boris
Staffing Consultant

Boris loves to help people. With a background in psychology, Boris incorporates various aspects of human behavior to match prospective candidates with the right company and position. A recent college grad, Boris brings his youthful idealism and fresh perspective with him wherever he goes. He loves taking an analytical approach in order to help clients find the perfect candidate for their business needs. Boris has a passion for technology and has even coded a couple software programs of his own. He specializes in “Big Data” hiring challenges and opportunities. Boris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yeshiva University.

Gie George @ Gie
Staffing Coordinator

Gie’s experience in the medical field has helped her hone a highly organized and detail-oriented work ethic. Following a passion in human resources, she has taken on various roles from administrative support to recruitment with renowned international companies. She has an extensive background in human resource management, including experience in employee recruitment, mediation, conflict resolution and legal compliance.

Gie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with a focus on psychiatry and is a registered nurse in the Philippines.

Vina Castro @ Vina
Staffing Coordinator

Vina has a background in Administration and Marketing before she pursued a career in Human Resources. Her experience in selection, recruitment, training and development has sharpened her analytical, decision-making and management skills. Being the primary point person for all employee-related issues, she also has become well-practiced at managing and mediating conflicts.Vina is a graduate of BS Foreign Service in Manila, Philippines.


Bobby DeSouza @ Bobby
Staffing Consultant

Bobby Desouza has over a decade of recruiting experience spanning different domains and verticals, and is is very well-versed with technical recruiting. In particular, his work has focused on data processing activities and data management work. In addition to hands-on recruiting, Bobby has also managed a team of other recruiters. He is passionate about implementing best "people" practices supporting hiring objectives, and enjoys working in innovative and dynamic environments and is energized by rapid growth.

Bobby receoved his Management degree in 2003. He believes in building relationships with candidates, vendors and clients.

Das Menon @ Das
Staffing Consultant

Das has over 9 years of IT recruitment experience. He has worked with large and mid sized clients on varied technologies, and is comfortable working with both commercial and government clients. Das is an Oracle-certified Associate and has a masters degree in commerce with a bachelors degree in law

Varsha Chambyal @ Varsha
Staffing Consultant

Varsha received her B.E in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. She began her career as an institutional centre coordinator, and has since transitioned into technical recruiting.


'With an emphasis on data management, processing, and analytics, we're poised to help build teams that impact business at every level.'

Big Data
  • Resourcing
BigR.io has deep domain expertise in Hadoop and proprietary MPP and NoSQL systems. Our data scientists can curate and manipulate data in the following areas:
Data Quality
Data Analytics
Data Management
Data Integration
Custom Software
  • Quality Candidates
BigR.io has teams of developers ready to take on the most challenging Enterprise, Web, and Mobile applications. We love Java, but will take on .Net efforts. We have LAMP enthusiasts, but feel equally adept at Ruby on Rails. We cover both Android and iOS. Our applications are used by millions of users daily and are built with High-Availability and High-Throughput as a rule not an afterthought.
  • Grow your team with no commitments
Temporary resources working through Big Resourcing allow you to acquire the workers and skills you need to supplement your workforce for short and long-term projects. Big Resourcing manages all payroll and benefits and there are no long-term commitments.
  • Growth
By matching candidates’ unique skills and career goals with our clients’ unique needs and culture, we deliver a responsive, cost-effective channel for the acquisition of full-time employees.
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