Embracing IoT

Social media may be the first human innovation which pushed data volume beyond technology limits, but it is machines, not humans, that will generate the most data in what’s called IoT (Internet of Things). Every device, and not just the usual suspects of computers, electronics, phones, and network equipment, but also including thermostats, lighting, locks, office equipment, appliances, health monitors, factory equipment and other everyday things, 50 billion contributors in all, will add to the mix by 2020.

Connecting devices by Embracing Internet of Things (IoT)
Embracing Internet of Things - Cloud Computing

Visionaries in every vertical are predicting that IoT is a catalyst which will create compelling context-aware, location-based applications and change how companies engage with their customers. New applications are continuously emerging:

  • Homeowners keeping a virtual eye on the front door.
  • Mobile insurance apps that measure driver behavior.
  • A toothbrush that can stream data to a smartphone app and provide real-time feedback on dental habits.
  • A prescription pill bottle glows or plays a tune when a patient misses a scheduled dose.
  • Instrumenting sensors on jet engines improve efficiency and facilitate preventive maintenance.

Thus far, most corporate CIO’s have not made IoT their top priority, citing costs, technology challenges, integration risks, security concerns and regulatory issues. However, an explosion of IoT activity is on the horizon, driven by the confluence of low-cost sensors, mobility and advanced data analytics. Compounding the deluge of information challenges is the near infinite amount of available and affordable cloud-based storage and compute power, aka Big Data.

How does a CIO balance technology challenges with the business opportunities when it comes to IoT adoption? There are a myriad of critical issues:

  • Identifying business objectives.
  • Aligning organizational demands and skill sets throughout the enterprise.
  • Safeguarding security and data privacy concerns.
  • Evaluating and expanding internal technology skills.

BigR.io can bring practical perspectives to the discussion, identifying the low hanging fruit(s) ripe for early adoption, suggest the initial monetization opportunities, assess investment and technology risks, and layout an implementation plan. Following this strategic guidance, BigR.io brings world-class Big Data in IOT Solutions like Enterprise Data Hubs, data lakes, data integration, data science and provides long-term support. Our specialties in the areas of cloud computing, data management, Big Data engineering, and statistical modeling, translates into early success and long­-term support for realizing your IoT vision.

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