BigRio Launches Odyssey Accelerator – A Revolutionary Way to Search and Manage Enterprise Data!

The newly launched GenAI Odyssey Accelerator, by BigRio, enables businesses of all sizes to transform the way they search or query enterprise data with GenAI, fully secured and integrated. Build a proof of concept before scaling it enterprise wide.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cambridge-based Digital Transformation consulting firm BigRio is proud to announce that it has launched an innovative GenAI accelerator.

The BigRio GenAI Odyssey Accelerator enables businesses of all sizes who want to use GenAI to transform the way they search or query enterprise data, design workflows, derive enterprise analytics, report generation, dashboards, and more, to build a proof of concept before scaling it enterprise wide.

“The Odyssey Accelerator allows employees and other stakeholders across functions of the organization to connect to all enterprise knowledge, and chat with their data without having to expose or compromise their data to the public domain,” said Rohit Mahajan, Managing Partner and CEO of BigRio.

“That level of security and integration is the key,” he added, “and has been previously unknown in similar tools.”

This acquisition will be very positive to both BigRio and Damo, and we will be able to add immense value for Damo clients as we bring them additional expertise and innovation in Data and Analytics, AI and GAI, and Cloud Engineering for better patient engagement and improved care delivery.

According to BigRio, the need for a tool like Odyssey Accelerator was driven by the increased demand to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI for industry but the inherent limitations of such “off the shelf” GenAI-LLM solutions. Ritu M. Uberoy, Managing Partner, BigRio, acknowledges that such tools are transforming how we digest vast amounts of information, making it possible to generate summaries, detailed reports, and interactive dashboards that help users understand complex data. However, the BigRio GenAI team has identified three key limitations:

  • Outdated Information: LLMs operate with a fixed knowledge cutoff date, which means they cannot include the most recent public information or updates.
  • Potential for Inaccuracies: Without sufficient data, LLMs can still attempt to generate responses, which might lead to inaccurate or misleading outputs.
  • Exclusion of Private Data: These models generally do not have access to private collections of data, limiting their ability to provide insights based on confidential or proprietary information.

As a customizable and completely private and secure solution, Odyssey Accelerator overcomes each of these critical limitations of commercially available GenAI tools. The Accelerator can adapt to multiple cloud systems and LLMs depending on the client’s use cases.

BigRio’s announcement of the creation of Odyssey Accelerator is just the latest solution to be born of the company’s recent focus on GenAI solutions, particularly for the healthcare sector. “BigRio has long been a developer and implementation partner in leveraging AI to improve healthcare delivery. We have recently been focusing our efforts on supporting digital health startups and provider systems with EHR integrations, such as Epic. At BigRio, we are developing solutions that use LLMs and GenAI to improve several areas of healthcare automation, direct patient interactions, and customer relationship management,” said Mahajan.

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