Rio Voice: Conversational AI

Rio Voice: Conversational AI and Personal Assistant

The Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant is finally here. Thanks to recent advances in Big Data and Machine Learning, accurate and engaging Conversational AI applications are now possible. Voice applications provide a new opportunity to interact with customers and create new levels of brand loyalty, while driving up sales and engagement. Rio Voice delivers world-class user experiences with cutting edge personalization and the ability to work across the spectrum of endpoints. has deep expertise in creating state-of-the-art technology solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. We are combining our enterprise-grade software development capabilities with our advanced playbook of machine learning tools and techniques to engineer Rio Voice, an advanced customizable voice platform.

  • Custom Personal Assistant: Rio Voice is a configurable personal assistant that takes on the persona of your brand. Leverage two-way conversations to increase the ability to reach and truly understand individual users.
  • Machine-Driven Personalization: Rio Voice utilizes advanced machine learning models and algorithms to personalize the interaction with each user; providing a richer experience.’s data scientists will configure the platform to harness your data and translate information into intelligence.
  • Cross-Platform Connections: Support an omnichannel engagement with your customers and talk directly through your existing web and mobile applications. Go further by employing a multi-platform approach across all major virtual assistants.

Monetizing Voice

Consumer adoption of voice technology is still in its infancy, but already resulting in significant sales increases for brands. The launch of Amazon Echo marks only the first of many to enter the connected speaker market. As voice technology and IoT-driven technologies invade our lifestyle and shopping habits, the benefits will continue to proliferate. Adopting Rio Voice into your arsenal will help protect market share and strengthen customer loyalty.

According to a study from NPD, Amazon Echo users spent around 10 percent more after they bought the voice-powered smart speaker than they did before.

Key revenue drivers from voice include:

  • Simplicity of ordering and servicing customers drive up sales.
  • Ability to leverage machine learning and predictive modeling for customer upselling, acquisition, and retention programs.
  • Attracts younger minded customers: Millennials and early adopters.

We are engineering omnichannel Voice Applications & Solutions across several industries including grocery, apparel, lifestyle, automotive, and multi-category retail and eCommerce spaces. Engagement examples include adding voice to:

  • Websites, mobile applications, retail locations, loyalty programs, B2B portals, and Customer Service teams.
  • Smart Car and Smart Home product lines.
  • Smart Consumer Products (IoT): Smart Speakers, Toys, Apparel, & other Connected product lines.

Custom Personal Assistant

Rio Voice represents an incredible opportunity to harness the advantages omnichannel marketers have with both online and brick-and-mortar stores. The voice agent can be customized with a unique voice and persona. Leverage your brand equity and tone from your website, social media, and other consumer touch points through the voice medium. Bring wit or wisdom or humor – allow your brand marketers and writers to put your brand fingerprint on the personal assistant. Our experts will work with you to choose a name and customize your brand’s voice identity. Think of the ability to assist customers before, during, and in between visits. Rio Voice expands and extends your reach to your customers at the most intimate level.

Machine-Driven Personalization

Rio Voice will empower your business to talk to consumers and become an even bigger part of their daily lives and household routines. Rio Voice uses predictive analytics, demographics, psychographics (e.g., Millennial vs. Baby Boomer), and purchase history to personalize the experience. will configure the AI inside to fit your specific use case. By labeling and rating all relevant attributes of an individual consumer, Rio Voice is able to determine how best to instruct the Personal Assistant. Depending on the use case, will recommend a host of Machine Learning techniques from Super Learner to Deep Learning.

Cross-Platform Connections

Rio Voice provides a platform by which consumers can be reached on their existing devices, through mobile and web applications, and/or through custom hardware. will custom develop your voice application to work on and over any device and network. Planning the form, fit, and function of the consumer interactions with your voice engine will put you on a path to increased sales and consumer engagement. can help facilitate planning and strategy around how to best engage with the possibilities and implications of emerging technologies, minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

  • Front line of the “Connected Home”.
  • Immersive experience synced with your brand.
  • Works on smartphones (iOS, Android, etc.), through the web, or on custom hardware devices.

We are seeing organizations across many industries embrace voice and machine learning technology. The early adopters of Voice technology have been focused in the B2C space, however we are seeing tremendous benefits of leveraging similar Machine Learning techniques across B2B environments.

Examples include:

  • Meal Planning & Voice-Guided Cooking
  • Recommendation Engines & Voice Shopping
  • Smart Devices/IoT

Meal Planning & Voice-Guided Cooking

A featured Rio Voice use case is Voice-Guided Cooking. Real-world kitchen efforts do not proceed at the pace of a (watchable) video, and so synchronization with the home chef adds substantial usability to the digital lesson. As part of Rio Voice, we would use your library of recipes to create a step-by-step guide for the member to follow and control hands free.

  • Marrying the natural language processing capabilities of Rio Voice with a dialog system or conversational agent.
  • Sophisticated Rules Engine
    • Replace ingredients based on preferences (e.g., if someone has an allergy to cilantro, parsley is a suitable substitute).
  • Personalization.
    • Based on skill level.
    • Dietary restrictions.
    • General preferences.
  • Connecting the cooking apps with eCommerce, branded product lines, and celebrity chefs.

Recommendation Engine & Voice Shopping

Rio Voice’s advanced Machine Learning and personalization engine not only makes preference-driven recommendations, but does so with a sense of timing. It detects a user’s inclinations to hear about alternative offers versus simply refilling with the usual choices. With consent, it assesses the user’s needs, by paying attention to their commands and passing comments:

“Rio, I’m running low on laundry detergent.”

“Rio, I need lactose free foods. What do you suggest?”

Rio can also serve in a proactive capacity:

“Your Mom’s birthday is next week. Do you want to order her flowers?”

“Thanksgiving is around the corner – do you want help planning your menu?”

Rio Voice’s AI engine incorporates the most advanced machine learning algorithms capable of tracking customer preferences, down to the individual and household level. It makes sound advice to new users from day one, even before collecting purchase history, by drawing similarities in the customer profile with seasoned users. The predictive algorithm is self learning and self improving, so that its ability to pinpoint user preferences continues to improve with each use.

Enhance loyalty & high retention rate programs by staying in touch with shoppers in and out of your stores via Voice.

Smart Devices/IoT

Integrate connected product lines with Rio Voice, to boost your predictive analytics and develop better relationships with your customers. Consumers will connect through smart devices in their homes, offices, and across all transportation platforms – personal and mass transit. The automobile market, for example is forecasting that 100% of new cars will be connected by 2025. Voice technology will continue to penetrate the automobile market and influence how consumers interact with products at home. can integrate your product lines and applications into these voice and IoT platforms.

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