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New AI Solution Uses Pooled Data for More Advanced Automotive Diagnostics

Protech Automotive Solutions’ ID3 solution leverages the idea that many data points are necessary to achieve the most accurate calibrations for automotive safety features that often need to be recalibrated after a vehicle has been involved in a collision. ID3, which is pronounced “I-D cubed,” was recently unveiled at the 2022 SEMA Show. It uses […]

Can AI Be Used to Predict Suicide Risk?

There has been no lack of news about how AI is redefining healthcare and improving patient outcomes for physical ailments. There has not been that much news, however, on how AI can help in the treatment of emotional or mental disorders. Until now. Researchers have just released the results of a study in which they […]

Artificial Intelligence Could Save the Healthcare Industry Billions!

A report by Harvard University researchers has found that large-scale adoption of AI could save the American healthcare system nearly $400 billion annually. The improvements that AI implementation in hospitals and other medical facilities can accomplish for patient care are becoming fairly well known. A little less obvious is the impact that AI can have […]