An exciting partnership between computing and graphics giant Nvidia and AI startup Evozyne has announced that they have been able to produce novel versions of a human protein that has never been seen in nature — but with “enhanced function” and the same safety as native proteins. The researchers say that the AI breakthrough lays the groundwork for potential new therapies for rare disorders.

Tech giant Microsoft is partnering with Vietnam-based AI conglomerate VinBrain to develop artificial intelligence-based healthcare services.

Under the collaboration, the two companies will work together to work on three areas of healthcare AI — data sharing, cross-product validation, and research and development, according to a recent press release from VinBrain.

VinBrain will also use Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services for computer vision to validate new deep-learning models.

The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the development of AI products in the health technology space. According to VinBrain, the AI platform runs on a dataset of over 2 million images sourced from multiple regions – the United States, Asia, and Europe. These data will be shared via Microsoft Azure, which will also ensure privacy and security, manage ever-changing compliance regulations, and improve data governance.

As part of the collaboration, VinBrain will also use Azure Cognitive Services for Computer Vision to validate new deep-learning models, including Microsoft’s latest computer vision model called Florence.

Accroding to the two companies the goal of the collaboration is to leverage AI to be applied to improve medical services in remote areas where there are limited medical facilities. “On the social aspect, this will help speed up the process of resolving [the] increasing number of healthcare issues with a lack of infrastructure, uneven doctor-to-patient ratio, and increased demand for healthcare services,” they said in a joint statement.

For VinBrain CEO Steven Truong, this partnership will deepen the company’s focus on and boost its development of AI products in the health technology space. “Using the latest foundation of AI technology and evaluation, this collaboration with Microsoft will directly impact billions of people through early [disease] detection and workflow productivity,” he added.

Perhaps equally important, the partnership, the first between Microsoft and a major player in the AI space from Vietnam is seen to open up opportunities for Microsoft to expand its presence in Southeast Asia’s healthcare scene.


How BigRio Helps Facilitate Investment in AI Startups

Much like the collaboration between Microsoft and VinBrain, BigRio is partnering with startups to develop healthcare initiatives with AI at the core of their solutions.

In fact, we have launched an AI Studio specifically for US-based Healthcare startups with AI centricity. Our mission is to help AI startups scale and gear up to stay one step ahead of the pack and emerge as winners in their respective domains.

AI Startups face numerous challenges when it comes to demonstrating their value proposition, particularly when it comes to advanced AI solutions for pharma and healthcare. We have taken an award-winning and unique approach to incubating and facilitating startups that allow the R&D team and stakeholders to efficiently collaborate and craft the process to best suit actual ongoing needs, which leads to a faster, more accurate output.

We provide:
• Access to a top-level talent pool, including business executives, developers, data scientists, and data engineers.
• Assistance in the development and testing of the MVP, Prototypes, and POCs.
• Professional services for implementation and support of Pilot projects
• Sales and Marketing support and potential client introductions.
• Access to private capital sources.

BigRio excels in overcoming such initial hurdles, which present nearly insurmountable obstacles to a startup operation.

Rohit Mahajan is a Managing Partner with BigRio. He has a particular expertise in the development and design of innovative solutions for clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, and other industry segments.

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