We have written many times on these pages about how AI and machine learning are improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace. But how about at home? Did you know there are many ways that AI can help you be more productive and efficient at running your household as well?

For example, several homemakers recently told The Insider how they use generative AI technology to help them plan and prep meals for their families or dinner parties. Others reported how they are using ChatGPT to generate bedtime stories to read to their children. Some parents say they have used it to create entire “original” books for their kids with corresponding images, also using AI tools, like image generator DALL-E.

Other useful “at home” uses of generative AI tools reported included asking it for help generating emails or general inspiration for creating any type of content. Travel company Expedia has said it could be helpful for people planning trips to suggest tours and itineraries.

Of course, AI-powered personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are already being used extensively at home to help manage your daily tasks, set reminders, and provide answers to all sorts of questions. These assistants can also help you control smart home devices, such as thermostats and lights, making it easier to manage your home environment.

Other Uses for Home AI

AI-powered design tools can help you create graphics, logos, and other visual content for your personal use for invitations, events, etc. These tools can provide design suggestions, help with color selection, and even generate designs based on your specifications.

AI-powered entertainment tools can help you discover new music, movies, and TV shows based on your interests. These tools can help you stay engaged and entertained during your downtime, allowing you to recharge and stay productive when you need to.

We have already seen the introduction of “smart” robots of various shapes and sizes, such as the Roomba vacuum and the like, and these robotic assistants will no doubt get smarter and much more sophisticated as AI technology progresses.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), smart security and smart appliances are already making their way into homes and household kitchens. These new AI appliances are mainly being used to create food and drinks at certain times, such as coffee machines. Some AI Smart Fridges have the technology to tell whether or not food is safe to eat, as well as having the ability to suggest recipes depending on the food in the fridge. Robotic food arms are being used to assist with meal preparation and can help people with disabilities.

There is no doubt that AI is already easing the lifestyle and homebound tasks for everyone, and it will only get better at doing so.

How BigRio Helps Bring Advanced AI Solutions to All Areas of the Market

The idea that AI can help you be more productive at home and make your household run more efficiently is no news to us at BigRio. While we specialize in AI solutions for business and industry, we realize how much of that innovation often spills over into the home. We also support AI initiatives that relate to “smart home” technologies and the interconnectivity of the Internet of Things.

BigRio prides itself on being a facilitator and incubator for such advances in leveraging AI to improve the digital world.

In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a “Shark Tank for AI.”

If you are familiar with the TV series, then you know that, basically, what they do is hyper-accelerate the most important part of the incubation process – visibility. You can’t get better visibility than getting out in front of celebrity investors and a TV audience of millions of viewers. Many entrepreneurs who have appeared on that program – even those who did not get picked up by the Sharks – succeeded because others who were interested in their concepts saw them on the show.

At BigRio, we may not have a TV audience, but we can do the same. We have the expertise to not only weed out the companies that are not ready for the market, as the sharks on the TV show do, but also mentor and get those that we feel are readily noticed by the right people in the AI investment community.

You can read much more about how AI is redefining the Internet of Things in my new book Quantum Care: A Deep Dive into AI for Health Delivery and Research. While the book’s primary focus is on healthcare delivery, it also takes a deep dive into AI in general, with specific chapters on IoT and emerging “smart” technologies.

Rohit Mahajan is a Managing Partner with BigRio. He has particular expertise in the development and design of innovative solutions for clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, and other industry segments.

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